// Creative Dude //

Quiet Place

 Welcome to my quiet place…

Let’s just take a moment for ourselves.

Let’s just take a moment for ourselves.

If Godhood grew in me-

If I were God, I would have made the world just so and no different.

And so I have you... I have you.

I have given you


Even, your love back.

Even, you.

To go south,

with the birds.

If I were God, oh, if I were God, I would make the world eternal spring.

And so I’ll have you...I’ll have you


That kind of forgiveness-

To my forever,

To elation,

To the loveliest of days

Spread over eternity.

There is a place which dances with light.

And methinks that is from whence you came.

That you, a prisoner, are bound here.

A perfect soul in a shaded space.


That I am your chains.

That I am your chains.

Devine Time-

Goodnight my brothers,


I bid you gentle sleep.

That the dawn watch over you,

And the moon show your way home.

No man knoweth how far starlight has traveled to shine upon your face.

But know, you were worth the trip.

Forgive me brothers,


I soon rest ashamed.

For I so stumbled through our world.

If I had but one more hour to spend with you good folk.

I’d buy you a drink and wish you health.

But since this fate be mine, I pray you spend my hour Devine.

But you, my wings are

But you, a bay leaf crown.


When I dream, I dream of gilded light,

Calling you,



When I wake, I see that miracle of life,

All of you,

No words.

Wretched man that I am.

To steal forever,

To hold elation,

To take the best of you,

and keep it, eternal.

Wretched man that I am.

Simple man that I am.

A long while-

How long the morn’ has eluded me.

How long the night.

How long my faith has glowed.

Just out of sight.

How long I have dreamed of being with you.

How long I’ve hoped.

How long you’ve been away.

In distance cloaked.

How long has it been since last we spoke?

How long ago.

How long has it really been?

No matter though.


To be understood,

To hear,

To eclipse with another soul,

Even just for a moment.

My promise,

My words,

My every waking hour,

and all the rest.

I’m in your hand,

Asking forgiveness